Marshmallow Mondays

Visitors + Pumpkins

We had visitors!  From PA!  Last Thursday, my mom (aka “Lola”), “Patricio” (as Lily calls him), and my sister, Tori, came to Lexington to visit us.  I had been counting down the days of their arrival since I found out that they’d be coming a few months ago.  Every year around this time, we have a pumpkin carving party, and moving to Lexington wasn’t going to stop that tradition.

Before I get to the visit itself, I have to share this photo.  Take a look at the Halloween loot that was brought to us from Pennsylvania.  This is a combination of gifts from Lola and Pap Wiest (my dad).

The majority of what you see above is from my dad.  He works in Hershey, and has always taken the absolute best care of our sweet tooth.  We don’t get just a bag of mini chocolate bars.  We get BOXES of FULL SIZE chocolate bars.  I had also requested pumpkin spice Kisses, and my dad generously sent four bags.  These are so incredibly difficult to find in stores, and as you all know, I am quite the pumpkin fan, so my dad found these at his employee store in Hershey.  I must have passed my pumpkin gene down to Lily, because as it turns out, she’s been sneaking these Kisses without anyone knowing.  We had noticed on Friday that the dish of Kisses seemed a bit emptier than when I originally filled it, but couldn’t figure out why.  On Friday evening when we were carving, I saw Lily come walking into the room with a pumpkin Kiss in her hand, which she casually popped right into her mouth.  Later, we saw her climb up onto the chair and help herself.  Lily has never been a fan of candy or chocolate, but boy does she love these pumpkin spice Kisses.  Definitely my girl!

A note for you, Dad:  Ryan has been joking that if I told you how much Lily likes these Kisses, a flat bed truck would show up outside of our house with more Kisses for her.  =)  Joking aside, thank you so much for everything!  Rydan and Lily were thrilled to open up their Halloween bags, Ryan was thrilled with his box of Almond Bars, and obviously we all love the pumpkin Kisses (some of us more than others).  I love you for everything you’ve done for my family and continue to do for us.  The amount of generosity in your heart is never-ending, and by sharing that with my kids, you are teaching them the importance of being kind and thoughtful to the ones you love.  THANK YOU!

Not pictured above, is the entire block of Cooper’s cheese that Lola also brought us.  This is our favorite cheese from PA, but unfortunately it’s not sold in Kentucky.  Again, even though we joke about getting an entire block of cheese, we truly are so thankful to have family members who make us able to still enjoy our favorite things from PA.  We are so lucky!

Now onto the visit…

On Thursday evening we went out for dinner at Saul Good, a local restaurant that we haven’t yet tried, but came highly recommended by some of my Lexington friends.  This place didn’t disappoint.  All of us thoroughly enjoyed our food, the atmosphere, and the service.  After that, as full as we were, we just had to pay a visit to Orange Leaf.  Pennsylvania doesn’t have any of these self-serve frozen yogurt shops, so our guests were in for a new experience and a tasty treat.

That night, we all hung out at our house together and played with the kids.  Rydan was absolutely thrilled to have Tori here to play with, and Lily wouldn’t leave Lola’s side.  In fact, when I finally made her go to bed that night, she cried for an hour straight yelling “Looollaaa! Loooolllaa!”

So the next day she planted herself at the window and watched for Lola to come back.  Nothing compared to watching her eyes light up as she watched Lola pull into the driveway.  We then all piled into two cars and drove to Evan’s Orchard to get pumpkins for our carving party.  The kids also spent some time at the playground.

That evening, it was all about pizza and pumpkins.

One other huge highlight of Lola’s visit was the blue Beta fish that she brought for Lily.  Lily has been wanting a “boo fish” for quite some time, and Lola had promised to bring her one when she came to visit us in Lexington.  It was like love at first sight when Lily saw her fish.  Now, Mommy is crossing her fingers that she can keep it alive!

To Lola, Patricio and Tori, we can’t thank you enough for coming to visit us!  Sure, we’ve had fun since living in Kentucky, but nothing compares to having family here with us.


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