Marshmallow Mondays

A Patriotic Performance

Last week, the third grade classes at Rydan’s school put on a Veteran’s Day Musical Performance for parents to come and enjoy.  This is the first time Rydan has taken part in any type of performance, so we were anxious to go watch him.

In honor of last week’s election and Veteran’s Day, Rydan and his classmates have been learning about all of the different symbols that represent the United States, as well as all of the things that make our country special.  The performance began with all six classes singing “America” together.  They looked so prepared and excited as they marched out in their jeans, white shirts and red bandanas.  Each class then sang a different song, and in between, a few students from each class read patriotic poems or showed off posters that they had made.

Rydan’s class sang “Lady Liberty,” complete with coordinated hand movements.  I could tell without a doubt that Rydan was enjoying himself.  All of the kids did a wonderful job, but Rydan was one of the few who stood there and bounced up and down and nodded his head to the beat as he sang.  I loved that he was having such a good time and wasn’t afraid to show it.

At the end of the performance, all six classes sang together again to the tune of “All American You & Me.”  As the song finished, we saw Rydan run off to the side and come back with a bouquet of roses for one of his music teachers.  He was so proud to have this job, which of course made us even more proud of him.

The students clearly put a lot of time and hard work into making this performance a success.  It was truly something special to watch them show off the patriotism they have in their hearts.

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