Marshmallow Mondays

Traditions, New & Old

It was our first Thanksgiving in Kentucky, which meant there was nowhere to rush off to when we woke up, and no trying to figure out what to make for the two family meals we’d be attending for the day.  It was just the four of us at home together.  I made a turkey, along with a number of sides, and pumpkin mousse for dessert.  Ryan did a fantastic job of keeping Lily occupied while I cooked, and also took care of the dishes afterwards.  The rest of our day was spent enjoying the beautiful weather and simply relaxing at home.  Rydan played with his neighborhood friends, Lily helped Daddy rake the leaves, and we all (with the exception of Rydan) got in a nice nap in the afternoon.

Thanksgiving morning.

Too much turkey for this one.

On Black Friday, Lily and I decided to venture out for a little shopping.  I’m normally NOT a Black Friday shopper, but I was wanting to get out of the house, and it’s a quick 5-10 minute drive to the shops.  It definitely was crazy, but I scored quite a few deals and enjoyed the time with my little lady. By 2pm we were all shopped out and came home so that Lily could nap.  When she woke up, we decided to venture out for our Christmas tree.  Most of you know that we’ve always gone to a tree farm to hunt and cut down our own Christmas tree.  Lucky for us, there is a place called Barker’s Christmas Tree Farm a few minutes from our house.  What a great find.  Check out the below photos of our adventure at this beautiful tree farm.

Barker’s Christmas Tree Farm

The hunt begins…

“I like this baby one, Mommy!”

The winner!

“Mommy… what is Daddy doing???”

A little sibling snuggle time while they waited for the tree to fall.

Our little eskimo.

The nice people at Barker’s take a photo of each family, which they display on their photo wall. When we go back next year for a tree, we can take our 2012 picture home with us for free.

Our tree reached the ceiling with only an inch to spare, just the way Ryan likes it.  We decorated on Saturday, which of course ended up being an all day affair.

Seriously, how did she get so darn cute?

Such determination to find the perfect spot.

Candy cane break.

Always a smile on this face.

Almost all of us were looking at the camera.  Although, I have to admit I love that he’ keeps an eye on Lily.

Most of you know that we always have not just one, but two Christmas trees.  The tree that we cut down always goes in our family room, and our artificial tree always goes in our formal living room.  This year, because we are currently renting our house, we weren’t sure we’d have room for the artificial tree.  However, we got a little creative and decided to place it in our bedroom.  Right now, it has zero decorations other than the pre-lit lights, but I can’t begin to tell you how cool it is to have a Christmas tree in your bedroom.  I highly recommend it.  I went to bed early on Saturday night just so that I could read in bed with the Christmas tree lit.  I definitely will be sad when it’s time to take it down.  Here is the picture I took with my phone as I was reading.

We hope that all of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of yummy food, laughs and quality time with the ones you love.


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