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Color Me Rad

This past Saturday I experienced one of the coolest things I’ve done in a long time.  The best part… I experienced it with Rydan.

We ran the Color Me Rad 5K at the University of Kentucky.  Color Me Rad is a fun run, where you are “color bombed” at various points throughout the run.

By now, you all know how much I have come to love running.  Rydan has watched me cross every single finish line in every single race I’ve ever run, so having him run this one with me was so special.

Here we are, nice and white, pre-run.


As we stood at the Starting Line, I could feel everyone’s excitement, including Rydan’s.  There were literally thousands of people running, so that alone was quite a sight to see.  Next time, I want to carry a disposable camera to take pictures along the way.

When we took off, Rydan ran full speed ahead of me.  “Come ON, Mom!” he said.  I had to giggle to myself because it was then I realized that my “pace yourself” speech was already out the window.  After about a quarter mile, he looked up at me and said “Okay, I need to walk.”  We approached the first color station and were bombed with orange.  Rydan’s squeals made my heart so happy.  He was thoroughly enjoying himself.  Despite the 28 degree air, and the wind that made it feel like 8 degree air, Rydan could have cared less, and so could have I.

It was shortly after the first color station that he looked up at me and asked, “how far have we gone?”  When I told him probably only a mile, he said “ONLY a mile?  How do you do this all the time?”

Obviously I didn’t expect Rydan to run for the entire 3 miles, but I was surprised at how much he did run.  I let him determine the pace and told him that I would simply stay by his side, whether he needed to run or walk.  We kept up a decent run/walk pace, walking for about a minute and then running for about two minutes.

Rydan thew himself into each color station with lots of giggles, and thought it was absolutely hilarious every time I was hit with a bomb.

Watching him cross the Finish Line was such an awesome feeling.  Definitely one of my most memorable proud mom moments.  And like always, Ryan and Lily were there to see us finish too.  The first thing Rydan said to Ryan was “I finished before Mom did!”  Which, technically I suppose he is right in looking at this picture.


I had saved four of our color bombs, so that we could have some extra fun with each other at the end.





On our drive home, we decided to stop and get some coffee.  As we sat in the drive through line, Rydan said “I’ll take a smoothie.  I did just run 3 miles.”  What a kid.

Fantastic job, Rydan!  Only 8 years old and already a 5K under your belt.


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great job!!!!, both of you
never saw anything like that

Comment by chris

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