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Book Storage
03.18.13, 8:32 AM
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How do you organize your kids’ library?

Rydan and Lily both have quite the collection of books, but when it comes to organization, they both need some help.  They each have a basket in their bedroom which is overflowing with books.  Lily’s in particular is difficult to manage due to the fact that we read so many books each night before she goes to sleep.  Rummaging through her basket every night for the book that she wants is not always convenient, especially since she digs through the basket throughout the day.

Since we are just renting our house right now, I’m not overly concerned with finding a solution at the moment.  But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been searching for ideas.

Enter Pinterest.  Anytime I’m looking for creative inspiration, this is where I turn.  Who knew there were so many cool looking DIY libraries for your kids’ bedrooms? Today I am featuring some of my favorites.

First, is this book wagon.  I had this very same wagon as a child, and now those removable wooden sides make perfect sense.  Simply remove the two long sides, and ta-da!  Instant book storage.

book wagon

Next, is the “great wall of books.”  I love this for so many reasons.  The bottom shelves can hold books that your child currently likes to read, making it easy for he or she to select a book, while the top shelves can hold books that are a bit older.  Being able to rotate the books adds variety for your child too.  Besides the ease of display, I just really like how this looks.  It’s bright, inviting, colorful, and keeps books off of the floor.

wall of books

Another easy solution for keeping books off of the floor, are book crates.  Simply paint a crate, cut it in half and hang it on the wall.  Use as many as you need and hang them at an appropriate height for your child.

book crates

This book shelf tower seems very fitting for your middle school or high school child.  What an easy way to organize and store text books, magazines, journals, and various other types of reference books.  I particularly like the teal color too!

book tower

If you have your own DIY book storage, please share it!  I would love to see it.

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