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Bronze & Copper
03.25.13, 7:23 AM
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Way to go, Rydan (or “Ra-Ra” as Lily says)!

It was his first time participating in a Taekwondo tournament, and he brought home not one, but TWO shiny medals!

Before I give a recap of Rydan’s experience, let me first explain how the tournament worked. There were about a dozen schools from various states who came to compete.  Students are first grouped by belt color, and then divided into smaller groups based on age.  Adjustments are made by size and school, so that each group has a wide variety of students.  Ten mats with judges are set up across the floor, so at any given moment, there are ten different groups of kids competing simultaneously.  Because there are multiple groups within each belt color, there are numerous gold, silver, bronze and copper medal winners.

It was quite a long day, but we all really enjoyed ourselves and couldn’t be more proud of our karate kid.

Hanging out together in the bleachers and waiting for Rydan's turn.

Hanging out together in the bleachers and waiting for Rydan’s turn.

Warming up.

Warming up.

First part of the competition... forms.

First part of the competition… forms.


Rydan actually tied for third place, so he and another boy had to do their form again to determine the winner.  The judges announced their scores, and Rydan won the tie-breaker.  Woohoo!

Second part of the competition... sparring.

Second part of the competition… sparring.


When Rydan’s group finished with everything, we knew that he had won third place in forms and fourth in sparring.  As the judges finished up their paperwork, we continued to sit and wait.  No one could figure out why we weren’t being sent off to receive medals.  After what seemed like forever, the judges announced that they had made a mistake.  They had paired Rydan up with the wrong student for the tie-breaker in forms.  It was actually a girl who he had tied with, not the boy who Rydan had already gone up against.  So, he had to go through the tie-breaker AGAIN.  I immediately got extremely nervous for him, and just hoped that he hadn’t been falsely awarded the bronze medal.  Before he stepped up to do his form again, he turned around to look at me and said “Mom, I’m ready for this!”  I gave him a confident nod and a thumbs up, and watched nervously as he went through each movement of his form.  When both kids had finished, the judges revealed their scores.  The girl was given three 7’s.  Rydan was given three 8’s.  WHEW!  He definitely earned that bronze medal.

Receiving his bronze medal.

Receiving his bronze medal.

All of the forms winners.

All of the forms winners in Rydan’s group.

All of the sparring winners.

All of the sparring winners in Rydan’s group.

Just before Rydan received his medals, there was another group of purple belts who had just been awarded with their medals.  One of Rydan’s friends from class had won two gold medals, or a “grand slam” as they call it in Taekwondo.  Rydan could barely contain his excitement, and shouted “Congratulations, Tristan!  A grand slam!”  I loved that he was so eager to show such awesome support for his friend.  It just goes to show that he is learning so much more than self-defense at his Taekwondo lessons.  He is learning what it’s like to be part of team, the importance of cheering on your friends and not being jealous of their success, and of being proud of yourself whether you bring home a medal or not.  What a fun, memorable day!

These two smiles say it all.

Lily kept saying "Good job, Ra-Ra!"

Lily kept saying “Good job, Ra-Ra!”


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Way to go Rydan. You are the champ. We are so proud of you! xxoo

Comment by val wiest

great job rydan!! keep up the good work! pap chris

Comment by chris

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