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Belt Test

It’s belt test time again.  On Saturday, Rydan tested for his purple senior belt at Sid Nelson’s Taekwondo America.

By now, Rydan has gotten pretty comfortable with his belt tests, which occur every eight weeks.  He never seems nervous, and has managed to pass every single test thus far.  As he progresses through each belt, each form becomes more difficult, with the number of movements increasing each time.  I don’t think I will ever stop feeling nervous for him as I watch him test.  I guess it’s just a mom thing, because he always makes me so proud.

I love how in between sparring rounds, he always manages to catch my eye so that I can give him a proud nod or thumbs up sign.  When I see the look on his face, though, it’s almost as if he’s reassuring ME that he knows what he’s doing, and that I don’t need to worry.  It’s such a quick glimpse from him, but it melts my heart every time.  I know what’s beneath that tough, confident look on his face, but it sure is amazing to see how much pride he takes in Taekwondo.

Patiently waiting to do his form.

Patiently waiting to do his form.



Getting ready to spar.

Getting ready to spar.



As always, be sure to check our Facebook Page on Tuesday evening for the official results, which Rydan will receive at the awards ceremony that day.


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We can’t wait to see you guys in June, then Rydan can show us some of his moves. Great job Rydan!

Comment by val wiest

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