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Minion Showdown
05.20.13, 8:20 AM
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On Saturday, Rydan competed in his second Taekwondo tournament, The Minion Showdown, in Independence, KY.  This tournament was much smaller than the previous one he attended, so it was a slightly different experience, but still a worthwhile one for Rydan to take part in.

Like the last tournament, students were grouped by belt color and age.  Because there weren’t nearly as many students, many groups included various belt colors.  Rydan’s group consisted of six students.  He was only one of two purple senior belts.  The rest of the group had a blue belt (one rank higher than Rydan), and three green belts (a rank lower than Rydan).

Students were first judged on their form.



Next, they were paired by height for the sparring portion of the competition.  Rydan was paired with the blue belt student in his group.  He did extremely well, considering that his opponent had slightly more experience.  The judges ruled in his opponent’s favor, so that automatically ended Rydan’s chance at a sparring medal.  His opponent went on to win first place in sparring, so this was definitely a tough kid.



He did, however, come home with a fourth place medal for his form!


Despite the disappointment that Rydan could have felt after not placing in sparring, he continued to clap for the other students and held his head high.  I am so proud of this kid, and love that he took pride in the experience of the tournament rather than getting caught up in the competition aspect of it.  As soon as we got in the car to leave after the tournament was over, his first words were “That was a really FUN tournament!”

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