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06.17.13, 7:36 AM
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As you all know, we left Pennsylvania last Monday and returned to Kentucky.  Rydan had just two days to earn his fourth stripe at Taekwondo, which would allow him to test for his blue belt on Saturday.  Up until this point, he has been able to test every eight weeks, and has successfully passed each test.  After missing ten classes due to our Pennsylvania trip, he seemed a little nervous about having only two days to earn that last stripe which would send him to the belt test.  The pressure was definitely on.

At the end of his first class on Tuesday, Mr. Nelson began handing out fourth stripes to a few students.  I could see Rydan anxiously waiting and wondering if Mr. Nelson would stop to place the final stripe on Rydan’s belt.  When he didn’t, Rydan simply packed up his gear and we walked out to the car.  His spirits were high, and he said “Mom, I think Mr. Nelson just needs one more day to see if I still remember my form.”  He was right.  At the end of class on Wednesday, Rydan received his fourth stripe.

So on Saturday, he tested for his blue belt.  We are so proud of how well he performed, despite missing ten classes just before belt test time.  It’s clear that he has a strong determination to succeed at Taekwondo.





As usual, we will not know official results until the awards ceremony on Tuesday evening, so make sure to check our Facebook Page to see if we have a new blue belt!

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