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Summer Reading

Today’s post is dedicated to summer reading.  I know, I know, reading is probably the very last thing your kids want to do in the summer time, but it is so very important!  Aside from keeping their reading skills sharp and expanding their vocabulary, it’s also a great rainy day activity as well as a fantastic alternative to computer games and television.

TalesFourth7Rydan actually has summer reading homework for fourth grade.  He is reading Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, and has a question worksheet to fill out upon finishing the book, which he must then take to school on the first day of fourth grade.  Some may disagree with me, but I fully support summer reading homework.  Here’s why:

  • It encourages reading as a habit.
  • It’s an opportunity to continue practice reading, which in turn can result in improved reading skills.
  • It keeps reading skills fresh.
  • It can generate new interest in books and the library.
  • It’s an opportunity for family time (reading together, book discussion, activities related to the book, etc.)

Again, I realize that reading is not always a priority in the summer time.  If you’re struggling to get your child to read, consider checking out one of these websites, which offer FREE read aloud options.  Listening to a book helps children develop better concentration and listening skills, as well as engages their imagination.


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So important to see posts like this! It’s so ridiculous, but among other things, reading and reading comprehension really give you an edge even on the job market. Everyone thinks you’re smarter, even if you’re not. 😉

Comment by Addie Manis (@AdicaRoy)

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