Marshmallow Mondays

Ending Summer Vacation

Another eight weeks has passed, which means Rydan tested for his senior blue belt this past Saturday at Taekwondo America.




Official results will be revealed at Wednesday’s awards ceremony, so watch for an announcement on our Facebook Page!

In other news, Rydan will begin fourth grade on Wednesday!  Summer has really flown by, so it actually does seem like back to school time (for me anyway).  After two visits to Pennsylvania, two vacation bible schools, an entire week of day camp, regular Taekwondo classes (that means four days a week), a weekend trip to Louisville, and lots of playtime with the neighborhood gang, I think it’s pretty safe to say that summer 2013 has been busy and fun-filled.

I also feel as though it’s important to point out that even with all of that fun activity, Rydan has still managed to earn his right to test at BOTH summer belt tests.  Those four stripes are the result of a lot of hard work and dedication, and without them, students are not permitted to even attempt a belt test.  Only instructors determine if and when a student is awarded with a stripe, and it takes a total of four stripes to qualify for a belt test.  Rydan has put in a lot of time at his Taekwondo lessons, and every belt test that rolls around is a great reminder of how far he has come in his Taekwondo journey.

Looking back at all of our summer ventures, it really makes me so happy to know how much fun Rydan has had, and how many more memories he’s made.  I am truly blessed having such a fantastic kid in my life.  Summer has been an awesome reminder of what I love most about Rydan, which is that he knows how to have the time of his life every day.  Whether that means dancing in the grocery store or giving it his all at a belt test, he teaches me on a daily basis what it means to simply love life.

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