Marshmallow Mondays


SONY DSCThat’s how I felt after crossing the finish line at the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure, where over 5,000 runners and walkers gathered in downtown Lexington to show their support for finding a cure for breast cancer.  This was by far the largest 5K race that I ever took part in, and it was definitely my favorite one.

What a sight to see so many people sign up for this event.  I’ve never run with 5,000 people before, but standing at the starting line, I was never prouder to call myself a runner, than in that very moment.  There were pink shirts, pink cowgirl hats, pink pigtails, pink tutu’s, pink socks, and lots and lots of smiling, happy faces.  Positive energy was radiating throughout downtown Lexington as runners and walkers gathered near the starting line.  It just felt so good to be surrounded by such inspirational women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer, as well as by fellow runners who train specifically for these types of events, so that they can be present and run for a good cause.

The course itself was very simple – straight down Main Street, turn around and straight back to where you started.  The highlight of the race for me was the second half.  As I was on my way back towards the finish line, thousands of runners and walkers were on the opposite side.  The street was literally flooded with people in a way that I’ve never seen before… and it was truly an amazing sight.  As I reached my second mile, I locked eyes with a woman who was walking on the opposite side of the road.  Her pink shirt said “Survivor,” and she wore a scarf on her head.  She smiled at me, stretched her arms out and clapped for me. As tears welled up in my eyes all I could think was “for me?”  This beautiful woman, this fighter, this survivor, was cheering for me?  Me, a HEALTHY woman who has never so much as broken a bone, was being cheered on by a breast cancer survivor whose body, mind and spirit have most likely been through the biggest challenge of her life. THAT is inspiration, my friends.

That moment reminded me that we are all fighting something – health problems, freedom, a job promotion, love, something very important to us.  It’s so easy to get caught up in our own personal battle, and our concern and sympathy for others can therefore suffer without us even realizing it.  We are all guilty.  When was the last time you clapped for a complete stranger?  I don’t mean literally; I just mean taking the time to simply step away from your own world and notice others around who might need an extra hand, or even just a simple smile.  That survivor who clapped for me probably had a lot to celebrate herself, but in the midst of her own celebration she took a few seconds to cheer ME on.  I will never forget her, nor will I forget the way that she inspired me.  I share this story today with all of you in hopes that her inspiration can spread even further.


Pre-Race. Two of my biggest inspirations.




Time: 21:32.

Who can YOU inspire today?

PS –  I want to say a huge thank you to each of you who made a donation towards my fundraising efforts.  Thanks to your generosity, I was able to raise $424 for Susan G. Komen Lexington.  That’s over four times of my original goal!  

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I am so very proud of you Bula. You are an amazing daughter, Mother and wife. Love you lots. Mama xxoo

Comment by val wiest

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