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Kids Helping Kids

Operation Christmas Child is something I’ve done with my kids for the past two years to help remind them of the importance of a giving heart during the holiday season.  It is so easy for both of them to get caught up in their Christmas wish lists, so I like to remind them that there are millions of children who are in need of kindness from others, not just during the holidays, but all year round. 

So, last week, we hosted a “Packing Party,” and invited a few friends to come over and pack shoe boxes with us.  The kids each brought a box and gifts to pack inside.  Before we even started packing, I showed them two short videos that explained how to pack a box, as well as the impact that their kindness has on the recipients of Operation Christmas Child.  Next, they filled out “About Me” worksheets to include with their gifts, so that the shoe box recipient can get to know his or her gifter a bit better.  I enjoyed watching all of them write about themselves, as well as write answers to “I love Jesus because…”  Finally, they packed their shoe boxes with gifts and placed a label on the outside indicating who their box was for (boy or girl in a specific age group).

Here are a few photos from our party.

Learning about OCC.

Learning about OCC.

Working on their "About Me" worksheets.

Working on their “About Me” worksheets.

Packing gifts.


Smiling faces and giving hearts.

Smiling faces and giving hearts.

If you haven’t participated in Operation Christmas Child, I encourage you to do so with your children.  Lily is only three, and she had such a fun time choosing gifts for “her friend without toys.”  Not once did she pest me to buy something for her instead.  Rydan is nine, so he understands a little more than Lily about the impact he is making on children in need.  As hard as it is for him to comprehend another boy his age not having a Wii, or bike, or a television, or a bed, or shoes, it does open his eyes and makes him want to help. 

Sending some love and joy to kids in need from kids who care is so easy, and there is still plenty of time to get involved.  For more information, visit Operation Christmas Child’s website.

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