Marshmallow Mondays


It broke!  It really broke!  That’s all I kept thinking on Saturday when Rydan’s leg finally plowed through the piece of wood on his last attempt.  His first two attempts had failed, and he only had one more chance to break it and pass his belt test.

As a brown belt, he is now required to break wood (in addition to knowing his form and sparring) at every test in order to receive the next belt.  He must choose a hand strike and a kick, and has three chances at each one to break the wood.  He chose first to perform a side kick, but was unsuccessful on his first two tries.  He then chose to switch and do his hammer strike, which he plowed through with no problem at all.

As I watched him prepare for his final chance at the side kick, I could feel my heart pounding.  I hoped he wasn’t feeling the same anxiety that I was, and as I searched his face I could see that he was calm.  He was focused.  He wasn’t crumbling under the pressure like I’ve seen other kids do after failing on their first two tries.  When I heard the crack of the wood, it was one of my proudest moments for Rydan.  He had not given up.  He showed such perseverance, such determination, and he believed in himself.

Yes, I know that at some point in his Taekwondo journey, there will be a failure.  However, after watching how he handled himself at this test, I now know that he is prepared for anything, including failing a belt test.  The will that has grown deep inside of him is one that is going to grow stronger and stronger with each success, or with each failure.


photo (7)

What a remarkable little man he is becoming.  Moments like watching his true character shine on Saturday remind me how blessed I am to have him in my life.  Way to go, Rydan.  Once again, you teach me how to live in the moment and just enjoy it without letting anything stand in your way.


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What a determination he has…you and Ryan should be commended also for giving him the love and confidence to do anything he wants to do.
Congrats to all!!! See you soon…

Comment by Annette

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