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Christmas in Pennsylvania
12.23.13, 11:57 AM
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We are back in PA for Christmas!

We arrived on Friday afternoon after a nine hour drive.  Leaving at 4am is not particularly fun, but we really like arriving in Pennsylvania at 2pm and still having the rest of the day to spend with our families and friends.  We woke the kids up at 3:30am, thinking they would go back to sleep once they got into the car.  For Rydan, that was true.  He turned on his dvd player and was out.  Lily, however, was wide awake.  She ended up finally falling asleep at 7am, and at 7:30am we heard “I awake!”  And she stayed awake for the remainder of the trip.  Between electronics and the road trip binders I made for each of them, they both stayed fairly content for the duration of the ride.  So, overall we really can’t complain about the long drive.  We were fortunate to not hit any traffic, construction, or bad weather.

So far, we’ve enjoyed lots of home-cooked food, like Nana’s stuffed pepper soup and apple crisp, and my dad’s ham pot pie.  It’s been such a treat to see everyone again and just be with our families.  Between tomorrow and Christmas Day, we’ll be running around like crazy exchanging gifts and celebrating Christmas.  I’ve been so proud of Rydan and Lily the past few days because they’ve remembered to not get too caught up in receiving gifts, and instead get just as excited about giving gifts to others.

Rydan has been busy building a new Lego set, making bracelets with his new rainbow loom and playing with his new WWE action figures.  Lily has been occupied with her new Doc McStuffins characters and playing card games with Pappy Buff.  It’s awesome to see them both enjoying their grandparents and aunts and uncles so much.  You’d never know that they haven’t seen them in six months.




Next week, we’ll have a full post with pictures and a recap of Christmas in PA, as well as our Christmas in KY.

Merry Christmas to all of our readers!


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So wonderful to spend time with you all! Merry Christmas

Comment by Stacy

Dear Bridgit,   Thank you, thank you, for all of your Marshmellow Mondays and the genuine, loving spirit they convey.  We are blessed by your compassionate view of the world, of your surroundings, and most particularly, of your wonderfull family.  Thank you, again.   Rev. Fordon

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