Marshmallow Mondays

Christmas in Kentucky

We are finally back in Kentucky after a stomach bug hit us hard in Pennsylvania. Rydan and Lily didn’t even open up gifts on Christmas morning.  It started with Lily last Tuesday, moved to Mommy Christmas Eve, onto Rydan Christmas morning, and then on to Daddy Christmas night.  It was definitely the sickest all of us have been in years.  To those of you who I planned to visit and didn’t get to, I am so very sorry.  This was a disappointing trip, but at the same time we were extremely grateful for the healthy days that we did have with our families.  Nana took such fantastic care of all of us, and for that we can’t thank her enough.  She is simply the best!

Clearly, we were in need of a Christmas Do-Over, and we got exactly that when we arrived in Kentucky.  We even brought a visitor along with us… the one and only “Papoose” (aka my dad).  This was his very first visit to Lexington, so we couldn’t have been more thrilled to have him here.  Plus, he kindly transported half of our Christmas loot so that we didn’t have to leave it in Pennsylvania.  And of course he surprised us by bringing a few of our favorite things from PA – Cooper’s Cheese, Troutman’s bologna and sausage, fourteen jars of he and Grandma Wiest’s homemade spaghetti sauce, and three HUGE bags of our favorite Hershey’s sweets – Pumpkin Kisses, Kit Kats, Almond Bars, Rolo’s, Mint Truffle Kisses, and Reese’s Peanut Butter, all direct from Chocolate Town.  We are so spoiled, but so very grateful.

The kids were pleasantly surprised to see that Santa still stopped by while we were gone.




Rydan got a beautiful cedar shelf to display all of his Taekwondo belts, a new WWE ring, a Ninjago alarm clock, the Great & Powerful Oz DVD, two University of Kentucky hooded sweatshirts, two pair of pants, a WWE fleece blanket, and a new 39 Clues book.



Lily got a Doc McStuffins playhouse, a sushi set for her kitchen, a magnetic horse dress-up set, a Lambie stuffed doll, a Hello Kitty Hopper ball, and new games for her Leap Pad and Mobigo.



They were most excited about their new headphones and Kurio 7s (kid-friendly tablets).

They were most excited about their new headphones and Kurio 7s.  (kid-friendly tablets)

We loved having Papoose here for our Kentucky Christmas.  We spent yesterday giving him a tour of Lexington, introducing him to Five Guys and Orange Leaf, and then treated him to steak at Malone’s, where he also tried calamari for the first time.  He is already on his way back to Pennsylvania, so we wish him safe travels and thank him again for coming to see us on his vacation days.  Come back anytime, Papoose!  We love you!


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