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Lily’s Mid-Season Dance Show

Lily has completed five months of her hip hop and gymnastics classes at The Little Gym.  Last week, they hosted a mid-season show, where students were able to show off the moves they’ve learned so far.  What an entertaining evening!

Lily has come a long way in this class.  She has always loved music and dancing, but started out the class a little bit shy.  Like most things, Lily needs time to observe before she feels comfortable enough to participate.  It only took her a couple of weeks before she was feeling the music and enjoying herself.

Two things have really helped Lily get the most out of these classes.  The first is her sweet friend/neighbor, Madelyn, who at times would take Lily by the hand to help her feel more at ease.  Watching them get a case of the giggles and tickle each other each week just goes to show that friendship can be established at an early age, but also that even at 3 and 4 years old, these two friends have an understanding between each other.  Madelyn understands that Lily is shy, and Lily understands that Madelyn makes her feel brave.

The second is her wonderful teachers.  Lily’s beloved Miss Alex is always the first person she looks for when she arrives.  With her big, bright smile and charming southern accent, I wasn’t surprised that Lily came to adore Miss Alex so much.  She has a way of really getting the kids to use their imagination through their movement, and it’s really amazing to watch.

Miss Samantha has been just as influential on Lily’s progress.  She, too, always wears a smile on her face and her personality is one that motivates and encourages her students to simply have fun and try new things. I truly commend these two young ladies for their energy, their patience, the fact that they love what they do and it shows, and the positive influence that they have on their students.  Lily is not the most trusting child, but she has come to really look forward to dance class each week.  We now have nightly performances at home, where she turns the music on and either puts on a dance show or pretends that she is the teacher.

Here are some photos of the mid-season show, as well as an awesome video that was put together by The Little Gym.


Performing the YMCA.








Gal Pals.


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