Marshmallow Mondays

Belt Test, Horses & News

Busy, busy, busy.  That sums up the entire month of February.

Saturday began with a belt test for Rydan, followed by the Kentucky Round-Up, and ended with the arrival of “Papoose” (aka Pap Wiest).

Rydan tested for his red belt, which is the last color before black.  As usual, his test consisted of form, sparring and breaking two pieces of wood.  He had struggled quite a bit last week during wood-breaking practice, which made me nervous for him.  He had decided to give himself two days of rest before Saturday, which meant no breaking during karate class on Thursday and Friday.  I knew his arm was hurting quite a bit from practicing throughout the week, so I trusted his decision.  It definitely paid off too, because it only took him two tries (students are allowed three attempts) with his sidekick and one try with his elbow strike to break through at the test.  We now wait for official results at the awards ceremony on Wednesday.




After the belt test, we attended the Kentucky Round-Up, which was held at Alltech Arena inside of the Horse Park.  Kentucky Round-Up is a family-oriented event featuring horse demonstrations, kid activities, and all sorts of fun for horse-lovers of all ages.



Our favorite parts were being entertained by a celebrity horse named “Odd Job Bob,” who starred in the 2011 film titled The Greening of Whitney Brown, and watching equestrian vaulting, which is a combination of gymnastics and dance on horseback.


Odd Job Bob.


Equestrian vaulting.

Now, you are probably wondering why my dad came to visit again so soon after he was just here at the end of  December.  I could lie and say that he drove nearly 600 miles simply to deliver Rydan and Lily’s Valentine’s Day gift bags, which he did indeed do, but there is a bigger reason.  I really was hoping to dedicate an entire post to share our exciting news, but here goes…

We FINALLY own a home in Kentucky!  

After two years, our Pennsylvania house sold, and we were able to start house hunting in Kentucky.  Even though it seemed like we were settled in Walnut Ridge Neighborhood, surrounded by truly amazing neighbors who have become great friends, we really haven’t been able to settle into a home.  With the help of our awesome realtor, John Rice, we closed on an absolutely beautiful home last week.


My dad generously offered to use some of his vacation days and come help us move.  After traveling through less than ideal conditions on Saturday, and spending nearly 12 hours in his car, he is already painting the kids’ closets and bedrooms.  What a guy. I love having him here, and I loved watching Lily snuggle up on his lap within the first ten minutes of his arrival.  I’ve really been blessed with the best dad in the world.

We will continue to move this week with my dad’s help, and on Friday we will officially say goodbye to our rental and settle into our new home.  Stay tuned for more photos!

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Congratulations Buffingtons!!! How exciting things are all around for you…busting boards and painting boards…LOL

Hope your move is a smooth one. Your new house is gorgeous!!!


Comment by Annette

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