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03.05.14, 7:13 PM
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_17D4027This is my husband, Ryan.  He’s an amazing, proud father.  He’s extremely hard-working.  He’s confident.  He’s comical.  He’s very sarcastic. He’s great with numbers.  He loves the Phillies.  He’s an all-around good guy.  He’s truthful.  He’s loving.

He’s also diabetic.  To some, that simply means that he pricks his finger a lot and can’t eat sugar.  To Ryan, it means much more. Blood sugar management has been a big challenge for the past two years.  Nothing scares me more than watching my husband have a low sugar episode.  It is terrifying.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen him sweat, shake, and not be able to process what I’m saying because his sugar has dropped dangerously low.  My kids have seen their dad on a hospital bed more times than any child should.  Our 3-year-old daughter sees orange juice and says “Daddy drinks that when his sugar is low.”

So, what happens when your sugar fluctuates as much as Ryan’s?  Your kidneys become overworked.  When kidneys are overworked, they fail.  When they fail, you need a new one.

My husband needs a kidney transplant.  

Here’s where we are at right now.  We’ve already met with doctors from the University of Cincinnati, and have an all-day appointment on March 19th to learn even more.  We will share that information with you as soon as we can, which will most likely include timelines, the transplant surgery, the recovery process, and much more.

In the meantime, I encourage you to share this post with your friends, family, church, etc. so that we can get the word out that Ryan is in need of a living kidney donor.  Due to his age and current health status, a living donor is his best option.  Being a match for Ryan first starts with blood type.  Ryan does not yet know his blood type, but we will find out very soon and share it with you.  Here is the chart of blood type matching.


There will be various tests conducted beyond just a blood type match to determine if someone is a desirable match for Ryan, but it all starts with blood type.

If you or anyone you know would like to consider being a potential kidney donor for Ryan, please use the Contact Bridgit button on the left side of the page, or send an email directly to  If you happen to know your blood type, please include that information in your email.  It doesn’t matter where you live.  For those of you in Pennsylvania, we can set you up with a coordinator to take a blood sample and have it sent to Cincinnati.

I understand that you all probably have a zillion questions.  This is very sudden news.  We have known for a few months that this would be a very likely possibility due to the gradual decline of Ryan’s kidney function, and therefore we did take some time to digest everything ourselves and become more educated so that when we did share the news with all of you, we could be as informative as possible.  It has been a difficult and emotional time, but please know that we felt so much more hopeful after our initial appointment with the Cincinnati team of doctors and coordinators.  The National Kidney Foundation has a TON of great information on its website, so I encourage you to visit their site and browse around a bit.

And, of course please pray for Ryan and my family.  Pray for a match, pray for patience, strength, and endurance as we begin this process.  Ryan is in the best hands possible, and his team of doctors have made us feel very hopeful and confident about the success of kidney donation.  Our hearts are filled with hope for better days ahead where Ryan feels healthy again and can live life without struggling the way he is now.


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Wishing Ryan and his family well during this trying time. Linda Olano

Comment by Linda Olano

Praying for all of you…
Bob, Annette and Brett

Comment by Annette

Prayers to your family…

Comment by Jacki Coleman

Bridgit can I reblog this on my blog? If yes, you need to make that button available for me to do!
Love you more than words!

Comment by thecagedbirdstillsings

Dear Bridgit,  My prayers go out to Ryan and you.  I pray for the discovery of compatible organ donors and that God will give you both the strength to get through these tough days in order to get on with the rest of your wonderful lives.  How much I wish there was more I could do.  Reverently, Rev. Fordon.

Comment by

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This Blog is written by one of my dearest friends. I know most of my followers have a chronic illness themselves, or know and love someone who does. Some of us have been blessed by the donation of blood or other organs from people we love or by strangers. Please share this blog and it’s facebook page(, or visit Bridgit’s blog: Marshmallow Mondays and share from there! Thank you such much for helping to get the word out! Our community of chronic illness spans many diseases, and we have to depend on each other for help, however it can be given!

Comment by thecagedbirdstillsings

I too am a type 2 diabetic with stage 3 renal failure. I will pray for your whole family that God will find a donor for Ryan. Keep

Comment by Joan Neibert

Your in my thoughts and prayers…

Comment by Brooke Runkle

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