Marshmallow Mondays

Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day to all of our readers!  We want to take a moment to thank all of the brave men and women who have served for our country, and all those who continue to serve.  May we remember your sacrifices for our freedom today, and every day.

For me, the past 13 years on Memorial Day have been a day to go visit my Pap Wiest at Fort Indiantown Gap.  Since moving to Kentucky, that obviously is a little more difficult.  Last year and the year before, we just happened to be visiting our Pennsylvania friends and family around this time of year, so I was able to pay a visit to my Pap’s grave site.

This morning, I sit here from Kentucky looking through all of the photos I’ve taken from my Memorial Day visits to Fort Indiantown Gap.  I love that place so much, and as much as I wish I could be there today, I know that my Pap is smiling down on us all.






Our Memorial Day in Lexington has been very low-key and relaxing.  Rydan is coming off of a camping trip with one of his friends, so he’s been lounging and watching movies all day long.  Lily spent some time swimming in her pool for the first time this year, and we are now getting ready to fire up the grill for dinner.  Happy Memorial Day, friends!  Enjoy it with a thankful heart.

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