Marshmallow Mondays

13.1 & Black?

It was a busy Saturday for us in Lexington.  I was up bright and early for the Bourbon Derby Half Marathon in Paris, Kentucky. This was the first year for this race, which offered three distances – half marathon, 10-miles and 4-miles.  Each course ran through at least one authentic Paris, KY horse farm.  I am always drawn to races that really represent Kentucky at its finest, so this was a no-brainer, especially when I found out that my good friends at 3 Way Racing were managing and timing the race.  If 3 Way was involved, I knew there was nothing to be concerned about, and that the race would be well-managed with lots of communication leading up to race day.

This was my third half marathon this year, and it was by far my favorite of the three.  We really lucked out with an absolutely beautiful day for a race, especially on a June day in Kentucky.  The sun was shining and the air was a cool 50 degrees.  It was absolutely perfect for a race.  When the horn signal went off, I now wonder how many runners knew the true beauty that was waiting for them on the course.  I know I sure didn’t.

What lied ahead were rolling, difficult hills at nearly every mile.  Personally, I felt it was the most challenging course I’ve ever run on, but it was also the prettiest.  I’ve never run alongside of so many horses.  Some of them hung their noses over the fence as runners went by.  Others ran alongside of the fence with you, while others galloped in large groups across wide, open green grass with their manes and tails dancing through the air.  It really took my breath away.

Approaching the Finish Line of this race was a bit of a shock to me.  As  I said, I found this course to be pretty challenging, and felt as though I really struggled at times.  This was also the first time that I decided to not receive my split time notifications, so I wasn’t aware of my pace at any point on the course.  This time, I just ran.  I didn’t try to maintain any particular pace.  Surprisingly, it worked to my advantage, even on a difficult course.  I finished with a time of 1:41:26, a new personal best by four minutes.

The Bourbon Derby


Later that morning, Rydan tested for his probationary Black Belt.  As usual, the test consisted forms, sparring and two wood breaks.  At this level, a lot is expected of students beyond just knowing their forms and being able to break wood. They are expected to study their student manuals and DVD and be prepared to answer questions at their belt test.

From what we could tell as parents, Rydan seemed to do well.  He wasn’t asked to do his form a second time, which is always a good sign, and he broke both pieces of wood.  One thing is certain, though… these Taekwondo students work HARD.  The higher Rydan gets in belts, the more emotional it can be to watch a lot of these students.  Each one of them is on an individual journey.  Some struggle more than others, but seeing the way that they cheer each other on and celebrate every success while learning from the failures is a true testament to the character that they are building.

Official results will be announced at Tuesday’s awards ceremony, so stay tuned!






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