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Sometimes The Gift Is In The Giving

Every now and then on Sundays I think to myself “what am I going to blog about tomorrow?”  Yesterday was one of those Sundays. Less than an hour after that thought entered my mind, I received a Facebook notification that would end up answering my question.

Let me tell you about my friend Nicole Nelson.  Nicole lives in California, and I have never met her in person.  She was one of the first people to compassionately sign up as a potential living kidney donor for Ryan when we thought that was the route he was going to take.  Nicole and I share a mutual friend on Facebook, which is how she found out about Ryan’s needs.  In her initial email to me about her willingness to offer her kidney to Ryan, one of the things she wrote was:

“I am from Pennsylvania, but I really hope that he (Ryan) could live with the fact that his new kidney would be from a HUGE Cubs fan!”  

As you all kow, Ryan is a devoted Phillies fan.  At a time when the news of his transplant was still very new and very unsettling, Nicole’s comment brought a smile to Ryan’s face, and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

Little did I know the friendship that was about to build between us, and the way that we would end up influencing one another.  My connection with Nicole is one that stemmed from the genuine compassion inside of her heart that somehow found its way to us across 2500 miles.

About a week ago, I received a gift in the mail from Nicole.  Inside was a beautiful card with a handwritten note from her, as well as a hand-made t-shirt and a mini shovel.  In her journey towards better health, Nicole has joined a “Fitness Rebellion,” in which a shovel is used as a symbol that represents our ability to dig deep in difficult times and to stay hopeful and strong.  The custom shirt she gifted to me is one that her fellow “Rebels” proudly wear in the quest for better fitness, which begins with first strengthening your heart and soul.  I was honored that Nicole had shared these items with me as a reminder that using my strongest inner muscle, my heart, will help me to continue to “dig deeper” and stay hopeful throughout Ryan’s journey towards receiving his transplant.

photo 1

photo 2

photo (2)

Yesterday morning as I sat on the couch with my coffee, staring at a blank blog post for today, Nicole posted a link on my Facebook page.  I am sharing that link with you all today so that you can see what can happen when we generously extend ourselves to others who are in need.  I hope you will feel as inspired and humbled as I was when I read her blog post.  Simply click below to be redirected to what she wrote.

Sometimes the gift is in the giving…

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