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We Gave Back

Happy Monday, friends!  I posted a portion of today’s post on our Match For Ryan Facebook Page earlier this week, but thought I would share it on our blog as well for those of you who are not on Facebook.  For those of you who have already seen it, you’ll find some new information here too.

Thanks to so many of you, I had the best gift-giving experience ever this past week . Because of the generosity of all of you who participated in or made a donation to Share Your Spare 5K, we were able to raise money for Ryan’s medical costs AND for The National Kidney Foundation of Kentucky. This was a huge accomplishment, and we are simply thrilled that our fundraiser was so well-received and supported by our families, friends and those on social media.

As you all know, being able to give back and pay forward all of the kindness that we’ve received (and continue to receive) since learning about Ryan’s health problems, is extremely important to us.  Kindness is meant to be shared, and we certainly have received a lot of it over the past few months.

On Wednesday afternoon I had the true honor of presenting a $5,000 check to April Enix, Development Director at The National Kidney Foundation of Kentucky. This is a caring organization that has helped us learn about kidney disease, and in turn enabled us to educate all of you through our Match For Ryan Facebook Page. We have so much respect and appreciation for the work that the NKF dedicates every day to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for patients and their families, those at risk, and for healthcare professionals. Without them, we wouldn’t understand kidney disease as well as we do, and we certainly wouldn’t be able to educate all of you.


Below is a message from April Enix at The National Kidney Foundation of Kentucky that they posted on their Facebook Page after receiving our donation.

“The National Kidney Foundation is so very thankful for the generosity of all those that supported the Share Your Spare 5K in Lexington last month. I had the pleasure of meeting with Bridgit Buffington yesterday and she presented us with a $5,000 check from the event. We are incredibly thankful for this donation and for the support of the Buffington family and everyone else that made the event possible and a huge success!”

Thank you, friends, for helping to make this donation possible. You were part of something really special, and together we have made a difference!  Thank you for helping us be able to give back.


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