Marshmallow Mondays

Hip Hopper

This afternoon Lily had her summer dance show at The Little Gym, where she and her classmates showed off their hip hop moves that they’ve learned over the past few weeks.  This is Lily’s second hip hop show, so she was even more excited and more comfortable dancing in front of all the parents than the first time.

Since beginning this class almost a year ago, Lily has grown so much.  She has gone from being the shy, very unsure little girl who often teared up during class, to the outgoing, confident, smiling little girl who can’t wait to go to dance class every week.  She truly loves being in dance, and I absolutely love watching her learn different steps.  She has such strong determination and focus for a 3-year-old.  Never once have I seen her get frustrated, and it warms my heart every time she looks at me through the glass to make sure I’m watching.  Her favorite hip hop moves are the “criss cross” and making her knees “wobble.”

Check her out in the photos below.









After an entire year of hip hop and gymnastics, Lily said she would now like to do ballet and tap, so starting next week, we’ll have a little ballerina.  I can’t wait to go shopping for tap shoes and ballet slippers!  If only I still had mine.


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