Marshmallow Mondays

Spring Break Recap

Day 1.

It was all about bikes and bubbles. The weather was beautiful, so we spent nearly the entire day outdoors. Rydan rode around the neighborhood on his new bike with his friends while Lily, Brooks and me played with bubbles in the front yard.



This guy loved chasing bubbles. Check out that vertical jump!

This guy loved chasing bubbles. Check out that vertical jump!

Day 2.

It was even warmer outside than Monday, so we packed a blanket, picked up lunch at Panera and had a picnic at Jacobson Park. Afterwards, the kids had some fun playing on the wooden castle and feeding the ducks.







Day 3.

Rydan spent much of the day playing with his friends in our old neighborhood. Lily and I did our usual Wednesday trip to Starbucks and the library in the morning, and then returned to the library that afternoon for a special springtime craft activity.



Day 4.

The rain arrived, so It was the perfect afternoon for a movie. Rydan invited his friend, Carson, and we went to see Paddington. This was Lily’s first time at a movie theater, so she was quite excited.

FullSizeRender (22)

Later that day, Lily’s new bike arrived, so she was able to try it out for a few minutes that evening when the rain took a break.


Day 5.

The rain continued. Most of our day was spent lounging at home, but we did venture out to the grocery store after lunch to shop for our Easter dinner items. The kids were not all that excited about it, but they were on their best behavior knowing that we would head to GattiTown that evening when Ryan got home. (For our PA friends, GattiTown is a large family entertainment center with video games, bumper cars, etc).





Today, the sunshine returned, so we spent more time outside riding bikes, blowing bubbles and playing with friends. We just got home from Easter church service, and the kids are once again outside enjoying the last few hours of daylight. Both are quite excited about the Easter Bunny’s arrival.  Check back on Monday to read all about it!

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