Marshmallow Mondays

Birthday, Ballet & an ER Visit in Between

What a weekend! It began with Rydan’s 11th birthday party on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, perfect for playing yard games with eight of your closest friends. In our backyard, we set up a lacrosse target goal, bocce ball, ladder ball, and corn hole for the kids to enjoy.





Halfway through the party, we took a break for cake and ice cream.




Next, Rydan opened up his gifts from everybody.


After that, it was back outside for three rounds of a water balloon battle to end the party.




Rydan and his friends had a great time together, and we spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun and just relaxing.

Until.. Lily slipped and fell in the bath tub at 9pm. With blood rapidly pouring from her chin, we quickly jumped in the car and headed for the ER. We arrived a few minutes later to a room filled with patients and were told that due to a few EMS arrivals with serious trauma, our wait would be a long one. Thankfully, were we able to stop the bleeding and just tried to comfort Lily until it was her turn.


Patience is something we are no stranger to, especially after waiting for Ryan’s life-saving organs, but it never gets any easier. When your child is in a lot of pain and requires medical attention, it’s really difficult to have patience. It was well after midnight when we finally were called to a room. By that time, Lily was very uncomfortable and so exhausted, but she cooperated like a champ. The doctor was able to glue her chin rather than stitch it, thanks to Lily’s own ability to be patient and remain still for close to 20 minutes for the glue to set and dry. By 1:30am we were back home with our brave, tough little lady.

On Sunday morning, she woke up without any pain and cared more about getting the iodine off of her face. Within a few hours of being awake, she was riding her bike, baking with her Easy Bake Oven, and playing like usual. By the evening, we were off to Ballet Under The Stars to meet her sweet friend Reese for a Princess Tea Party before the show.



The Princess Tea consisted of face-painting, dancing, a craft, pictures with some of the Little Mermaid performers, and snacks. (FYI, many of you have seen photos of Lily post-ER and wondered where her wound is. Since it is underneath her chin, it is well hidden in photos, but trust me, she’s got quite a gash. I won’t be sharing any of the before pictures because it’s hard to look at.)







This was so much fun for these two sweet friends, and after such a horrible ordeal at the ER, it warmed my heart to see Lily smiling again. After the tea, we watched the Little Mermaid Show, which was absolutely beautiful and filled with lots of talented young girls.



Now, it’s time to enjoy the last week of summer break before school starts!


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