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Back To School
08.14.15, 7:45 AM
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It’s official. Ryan and I are old. We have two kids in school now. On Wednesday Lily started Kindergarten, and Rydan started middle school. I’m not sure who will have the bigger adjustment – Rydan, Lily or Mommy? It is definitely strange having the house to myself. I find myself thinking about both kids and hoping that they are adjusting okay, asking questions without hesitation, making new friends, and feeling comfortable at their new schools.

Rydan has had mixed feelings about middle school, but after a few days he seems to really like it. The next few weeks will be a big transition for him as he tries to get used to having seven different teachers and classes, only four minutes between classes, learning to open his locker, and staying organized. His school has an awesome mentoring program, though, where 8th graders are assigned 6th graders to help and guide the new middle school students through the year. Having been a walker since we moved to Kentucky, Rydan is now enjoying the bus for the first time in almost three years. The middle school is just up the street from our house, so it’s a short ride, but he is enjoying the change.

Rydan's first day of middle school. He said

Rydan’s first day of middle school. He said “only one picture, Mom.” So this is it.

Lily, on the other hand, has been very much looking forward to Kindergarten. She couldn’t get out of the door fast enough on Wednesday, and had a big smile on her face from the moment we left the house until the moment I said goodbye to her in her classroom. She absolutely adores her teacher, and has had nothing but good things to say about school. When I asked what her favorite part about Kindergarten is, she said “I love when my teacher reads stories.” Her biggest challenge will be eating breakfast before school and eating as much of her lunch as she can. Being more of a grazer than a meal person, this is a bit of a struggle at the moment.




Overall, it’s been a pretty good start to the school year for both of them!


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