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Meet Rosie
11.09.15, 6:49 AM
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She’s our new Vizsla puppy, and she comes to us from Hillsboro, Ohio, the same place we got our beloved Brooks. Rosie and Brooks share the same parents, which makes us feel like a small part of Brooks is still with us.


Brooks. 7/30/2014 (born on Rydan’s birthday) – 6/2/2014. 


Rosie. 9/16/2015 (born on Ryan’s birthday). Take notice to the white patch on her bottom lip. A good friend told me that’s a kiss from Brooks, and that’s how I’ll always see it too.

Ryan and I drove together to Hillsboro on Thursday while Rydan and Lily were at school so that we could surprise them with Rosie when they got back. Walking into our breeder’s house brought back a lot of memories from when we picked up Brooks. I honestly wasn’t sure how I would feel walking into that house. Our breeder, Carol, who is 85 years old, told us that she chose to breed Brooks’ parents again just for us. Hearing her say that brought tears to my eyes and reassured me that we were making the right decision to bring home another Vizsla. Our house just hasn’t felt the same without Brooks, and as soon as Rosie was in my lap, my heart started to feel whole again. Brooks will always have a piece of my heart, and I don’t think I’ll ever look at Rosie without thinking of him, but when I see Rosie move a certain way or look at me with those blue eyes, it makes me smile to see Brooks in her. She has definitely helped heal our broken hearts, but she’s also keeping Brooks’ spirit alive.




Rosie is just a baby at only seven weeks old, but she is very playful and extremely sweet. Just like Brooks, she loves to be held and lives up to the Vizsla nickname, “velcro dog.” Nothing makes her happier than being with us at all times. She plays hard, crashes hard, and hits the repeat button all day long.








Welcome to our family, Rosie! We are so happy to have you.



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