Marshmallow Mondays


Saturday was a big day for Rydan and Lily!

In the morning, Rydan tested for his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. He’s taken the past few months to prepare for this test, which consisted of correctly doing his form, sparring for eight rounds, and then successfully performing three different wood breaks.

At this level of rank, Rydan’s belt tests become more intense to watch each time. The form is more complicated, the numerous rounds of sparring is exhausting, and then finding the energy and focus to perform three board breaks is quite a bit of pressure for an 11-year-old boy. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being in awe of how well he handles pressure. It’s really quite impressive.

When he stands tall in front of the judges and begins his test, we see nothing but focus, confidence and determination on his face.





The most nerve-racking part for me is always watching the board breaks. Rydan easily broke through on his first one, which was a jump front kick. The second one was a side kick, which I’ve seen him do with ease numerous times. This time, however, he missed his first two attempts and only had one attempt left. After missing the second try, I watched him shake his head quickly, not in frustration or disappointment, but as if he was just brushing it off. He set up for his final attempt, and moments later we heard the wood snap. The third break was an elbow strike, and he plowed right through it. Official results will be announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, so stay tuned!

The second part of our day was all about Lily. It was her first dance recital with The Lexington Dance Factory. The theme for the winter recital was “Oh The Things You Can Think.” Each class performed to a Dr. Seuss inspired song. Lily’s class did a tap routine to “Green Eggs & Ham,” in which they dressed like little chefs using spatulas as a prop. She had done really well at dress rehearsal, so I was fairly confident that show day would be no different. The only thing I was worried about was that she wouldn’t be able to see us in the audience and that would cause her to panic. Thankfully, we scored second row seats. Here is Lily’s face when she spotted us right after walking onto the stage.


After that, she was ready to dance.



We were so proud of our little tapper for being so brave for her first performance. I loved seeing her up on that stage. I also loved that one of her very closest friends, Reese (and her mommy, daddy and baby brother), came to sit in the audience with us to make Lily feel extra special. After the recital, we took the girls for ice cream to celebrate. Nothing compares to their giggles and silly conversations.




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