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Winter Update
02.22.16, 8:22 AM
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Happy Monday, friends. I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything. This morning I noticed that MM’s Facebook page had quite a few views, which tells me that there really are people looking to read our blog every Monday. I do apologize for the absence of my usual Monday post over the past couple of weeks. Honestly, with the cold weather and snow, we just haven’t gotten out and done anything too exciting that I could have shared. However, I’m putting together a little winter update on what Rydan and Lily have been up to lately.

Rydan has been pretty consumed with school and lacrosse. His midterms consisted of four A’s and two B’s. He seems to really enjoy middle school, and likes being able to change classes. He is currently taking a three month break from Taekwondo to focus on his lacrosse season, which involves after-school practices four days a week and at least one weekend practice. It’s rather intense, but this team won the championship last year, and they really prides themselves on hard work, dedication, and teamwork. They held a lock-in earlier this month, complete with all sorts of activities, food, movies and games so that all of the players and coaches could get to know each other. Rydan has learned a lot about this sport and made some new friends as well. It’s great to see him doing something new and learning what it’s like to be part of a team.


Lily is still enjoying Kindergarten, and has been working really hard to learn all of her sight words. This hasn’t been an easy task for her, but I’ve figured out some learning methods that work for her, and she’s made tremendous progress. Every week she adds a few more to her “know stack”, which now is much larger than her “need to learn stack.” She still loves to read, and has recently taken an interest in the Junie B. Jones books, so we read about one of those books every single week. She’s also working really hard on her spring recital routine at the Lexington Dance Factory. They’re doing a ballet number this time, and it is absolutely adorable. We just saw her costume a few weeks ago, which has her even more excited. Earlier this month, the classes all took a break from their routines for “Daddy Daughter Day.” Lily and Ryan did hip hop together and also learned a super cute ballet routine. Here they are doing the whip nae-nae.


One last note before I end this post – Rydan is selling Yankee candles for middle school, so if any of our readers are interested in supporting him, please let me know. You can order online and it will ship directly to you. Just send an email to and I’ll get the info to you. Many thanks for your support!



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