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My name is Bridgit.  I’m 31 years old.  My husband, Ryan, and I were married on July 18, 2009.  We bought a beautiful house in Elizabethtown, PA just before getting married, where we lived with our kids and our cat for two years before relocating to Lexington, KY in January 2012.  Between the kids and the cat, life is always entertaining and delightfully rewarding.

I love my family, and I love the life that we have together.  I’ve gone from the world of weddings, where I spent 5 years planning that big, special day for over 300 brides, to the day-to-day job of being a wife, a stay-at-home mom and a writer.  I enjoyed wedding planning, but when it came time to think seriously about my future, my family wasn’t something I was willing to compromise.  Nor was my writing.  Life now is very content for me.  My priorities are in order.

I don’t believe in regrets.  I do believe that life prepares you for every big chapter that comes your way.  The past is simply the groundwork for the future.  I can honestly say that as I get older, I can understand why my life has taken all of its twists and turns. Even if it didn’t make sense at the time, the pieces eventually do fit together.  I’ve learned to trust in God’s plan and His help in the decisions that I, and my family, have made together.

I believe in finding the good in all people and all situations.  God created us all equally, so we should treat each other that way.

The little things keep me happy – the time of the night when Louie curls up on my lap, catching up on the DVR with Ryan after the kids are asleep, watching my kids laugh together, my nightly hot shower (this blog wouldn’t exist without it) or when my coffee is just right.  Weekends aren’t complete without at least one day of bacon and eggs with my family.

An early morning run sets the tone for my entire day.  I aim for three or four 4-7 mile runs per week.  It’s my time to release stress, anxiety, and just have a bit of time to myself without any interruptions.

I love to read.  My favorite author is Sophie Kinsella.

I have a very diverse group of friends, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love to cook, but I prefer to bake.  I don’t like chocolate.  My favorite desserts are apple crisp and tiramisu.  I also love green mint chocolate chip ice cream, even though it usually gives me a belly-ache.  I do my best to eat healthy, and to make sure that my family eats healthy, but I’m also realistic.

I don’t like to spend money, but when I do I never shop without coupons.  I’m probably a little fanatic about my coupons.  I prefer to shop alone, and my motto is “don’t buy it if you don’t love it.”  I hate being cold.  I love accessories, and

I think words are powerful.  I began writing as a teenager when my parents got divorced, and I haven’t stopped since.  My journals have been more therapeutic than any counselor or shrink.  It makes me feel good to see both of my kids gain an appreciation for books.  Lily particularly is quite the little bookworm, and looks forward to story time at the library each week.

My goal is to one day be able to read my children a published version of one of my manuscripts, complete with illustrations, and be able to tell them that the author is their very own mother.


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Bridgit – It is so good to see you pushing yourself to the next step in your writing career. I still read Marshmallow and it always makes me smile for your true honesty and love for Rydan.

Comment by Dawn

I believe it would be “fantastic” if you would publish Marshmallow on this site. It is a great read and quite touching as well.

Comment by Ryan

Your blog makes me smile, Bridgit, and reminds me I need to set aside more time with my adorable wild-child grandson.

Comment by Mickey Goodman

i read your stories and they are very good. ryan and rydan are very fortunate to have you in their lives. i know someone who had many of his children’s stories published and can give you his name,etc. if you are interested in pursuing.

Comment by mike wiest

Bridgit –
I work with Ryan and couldn’t be happier for you both. I just stumbled across your blog by being friends with Ryan on FB. I have told him countless times how wonderful of a dad he is and I think it’s wonderful that you found each other. You seem like an incredible mom to Rydan! It can be challenging to say the least (I’m a mom & step-mom).
I love to read so it looks like Marshmallow Mondays has been added to my list!
Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Erin

Hi Bridgit.
Would love to talk with you more about your writing and about doing a profile of you in the magazine. Please email me at

Comment by StepMom Magazine

Hey Bridgit! It’s Mandi, from the Hershey Gardens! MaryLynn McNamara told me about your website and I had to check it out. I’m so happy to see that you’re doing well and the kids are beautiful! 🙂

Comment by Mandi

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