Marshmallow Mondays

…Double Jacks

                “Ready Jacks?  Here it goes.”  Sammy winds up and throws the blue, rubber ball across the yard.  Within seconds, Jacks leaps off the porch and races toward the ball.

                “Go Jacks, go!”  Sammy yells.

                Jacks grabs the ball with his teeth, turns around and runs back to the porch.

                “Now drop it, Jacks.  Good boy!”

                Sammy rewards him with a treat and throws the ball again.  As Jacks races after it, Sammy’s Dad comes outside.

                “Sammy, your teacher just called.  I thought you understood that teasing the new boy was not a very nice thing to do.  You promised me you would make an effort to be his friend.”

                “I know, Dad, I know.  He’s just weird.  He wears funny clothing and carries a silly purple backpack.”

                “Sammy, that’s enough!  How many times have we talked about not judging someone by their appearance?  You have to learn to treat people the way you would like them to treat you.”

                Sammy hangs his head and kicks the ground.

                “Okay.  I’m sorry.  It won’t happen again.”

                “I hope you mean that.  Now get Jacks and come inside for dinner.”

                Sammy steps off the porch and searches the yard for his puppy, but Jacks is nowhere to be found.  Sammy paces the yard, yelling for Jacks, but there’s no sign of him or the ball anywhere.  Sammy begins to panic.

                “Jacks, Jacks, come here boy.  It’s dinnertime.  Jacks, Jacks.”

                Just then Sammy hears a noise far off in the distance.  It’s coming from the dirt road next to the field behind his house.  He looks down the road and sees a huge cloud of dust.  Sammy becomes more worried about Jacks, and continues to yell for him to come back home.

                “Jacks, Jacks where are you?”

                The noise is getting closer and closer.  It sounds like galloping.  That’s definitely not Jacks, Sammy says to himself as he slowly begins stepping back toward his house.  His heart pounds in his chest.  Part of him wants to run, but another part wants to see what emerges from the cloud of dust.  As the galloping gets louder, the dust begins to clear and Sammy can finally see what’s running toward him.

                “Whoa!  It’s a horse!  And he’s coming straight for me!  Jacks, Jacks where are you?”

                Sammy races up the porch steps and flies inside of his front door.  By now, the horse is grazing in his backyard.  As Sammy watches from behind the window,, he hears another noise coming from the dirt road.  Someone is yelling.  The voice gets louder, and Sammy can see who it is.

                “That’s Daniel, the new boy.  I wonder what he’s doing.”

                Daniel, with his glasses falling off his face and his black hair full of sweat, stops in Sammy’s yard to catch his breath.

                “Jacks, why did you do that?  You can’t just run through the whole neighborhood!”  Daniel says, as he rests his hands on his knees and pants.

                Sammy, slightly confused, steps outside and walks toward Daniel.

                “Is he yours?”  Sammy asks.

                “Who, Jacks? Yeah, he’s mine” Daniel replies.  “I’m sorry.  I don’t know what got…”

                “What did you say his name is?” Sammy interrupts.

                “Jacks.  My horse’s name is Jacks” Daniel answers.

                “That’s my dog’s name too!  We were just playing fetch and he ran away.  I’ve been yelling for him ever since!”

                “I bet my Jacks heard you and that’s why he came running,” Daniel says.

                The boys both giggle.

                “Yeah, that makes sense.  Gee, that’s funny that we have pets with the same name.  I just wish I knew where my  Jacks got to.”

                “Hmm.  I think I might know,” says Daniel.  “Does he have a white tail?”

                “Yes, he does.  Do you see him?  Where is he?”

                “Under there,” Daniel says, while pointing toward the shed.  “His tail is sticking out.”

                With a big sigh of relief, Sammy runs toward the shed and Jacks slowly peeks his head out from underneath it.

                “The poor little guy was just scared, that’s all,” Daniel says.  “I’m really sorry to scare your puppy.  I need to go home for dinner now.  I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

                “Hey, Daniel, wait a second.  Do you know how to ride a horse?”  Sammy asks.

                “Sure I do.  Jacks and I go riding every Thursday after school.  I could teach you sometime if you like.”

                “Really?  You could teach me?  Cool!  When can we start?”

                “How about next Thursday after school?”

                “That sounds great!  Hey, I’ll save you a seat at lunch tomorrow, okay Daniel?”

                “Daniel smiles.  “Thanks.  See you then.”

                As Daniel walks home, Sammy’s Dad comes outside.

                “Sammy, I’m very proud of you.  You could have gotten upset with Daniel and his horse for scaring Jacks, but you didn’t.  You were patient and polite, and it seems like you and Daniel will become good friends.”

                “Yeah, he’s going to teach me to ride a horse!  Won’t that be cool, Dad?  Can we maybe get a horse too?”

                “We’ll talk about that later, Sammy.  Right now you and Jacks need to come inside.  Both of you have had enough excitement for one night.”

                “Oh, alright, Dad.  But you know, since I’m learning to ride a horse, I’ll need a cowboy hat and maybe some boots too.”

                Dad laughs and says “We’ll talk about it after dinner.”


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WOW!!! Great job Keep them coming!!

Comment by mary

What a good story. I have a moment to read all of these stories. The website you posted looks really fun. Mollie and I can’t wait to check it out tonight!

Comment by Brook

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