Marshmallow Mondays

Who Are The Marshmallows?

The Original Marshmallow:   His name is Rydan.  He’s my favorite 9-year-old.  He has brown hair, a big smile like his dad, and a personality all his own.  He likes peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches for lunch, and occasionally he asks for “dippy” eggs or cereal for dinner.  He likes to play Wii and watch Friday Night Raw.  He is the most social kid that I know, and also the most talkative.  He has an imagination that soars daily with sound effects to match.  He looks forward to Halloween all year long and owns numerous costumes that he wears year-round.  He has become quite the karate kid since we moved to Kentucky.  Currently, he is just a few belts away from obtaining a Black Belt.  His favorite baseball player is Chase Utley.   He makes up the greatest stories and reminds me that life is meant to be enjoyed.  He has the time of his life every single moment of every single day.  Rydan is my step-son, my marshmallow, and my inspiration for writing this blog.





The Second, yet still One Of A Kind, Marshmallow:  Lily is my precious little lady who touches my heart every single day.  She was born on August 16, 2010, which just happened to be a “Marshmallow Monday.”  She is full of animation and life.  Her pretty almond-shaped blue eyes can melt anyone’s heart in an instant.  She is one determined little lady, but needs to do things on her own time, when she’s ready.  She has quite a comical side, just like her big brother.  Lily loves horses, so our move to Kentucky was perfect for her.  She also loves to dance, play with her kitchen, read books, ride her balance bike and watch Doc McStuffins. People say Lily looks like her Daddy, and although Mommy agrees that she does have Daddy’s mouth, her long legs and fingers are like Mommy’s. Lily also has her own special characteristics like her nose and swirled cowlick on the right side of her head.  As the littlest “Marshmallow” of our family, Lily brings a new love to all of our hearts.








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Oh my goodness, that last picture of Lily is breathtaking! So full of personality and spunk!

It’s so neat how similar our stories are! I married a man with an 11-year-old boy, and had a little girl October 27th, 2010. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading your blog!

Comment by JoAnna

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